• R10 Cap 2 Soil Wax
  • R10 Cap 2 Soil Wax
  • R10 Cap 2 Soil Wax
  • R10 Cap 2 Soil Wax
  • R10 Cap 2 Soil Wax
  • R10 Cap 2 Soil Wax

R10 Cap 2 Soil Wax

from MAN-TLE

The MAN-TLE R10 Cap 2 in Soil Wax is the second piece of headwear in the brand's evolving permanent collection of core items. Cap 2 is a six panel hat with a full 360° brim for sun and weather protection protection constructed of the signature MAN-TLE 'MT Cloth', a high-density 100% cotton chambray with a paraffin wax coating woven in Shizuoka, Japan. MAN-TLE's signature cloth is stiff, windproof, and has its own shape retaining memory that molds to the wearer with time. With age, the cloth will soften and develop a unique patina. The cap features a size adjustment system that makes use of the brand's custom army button threaded on to a strip of 8mm-wide car seat belt material to cinch the cap's crown, making its distorted look a defining feature.

MAN-TLE's Cap 2 offers a unique silhouette somewhere between bucket and sun hat. We ask that you carefully consult the measurements before ordering.

Due to the nature of the manufacturing and coating process, some variation in color and texture is inevitable and considered normal. If this is of concern, please inquire further via our contact form or direct message prior to placing an order.

  • Japanese high-density 100% cotton chambray construction with paraffin wax coating and shape retaining memory 
  • Adjustable cinch-to-fit crown
  • Natural fabric taped interior seams
  • Large squatchee
  • Orange interior hang loop
  • Made in Japan
  • Cloth: 100% Cotton, Hardware: Army Buttons, Nylon seat-belt tape