• SH-CVRL-011 Coverall Shirt Ai-Doro
  • SH-CVRL-011 Coverall Shirt Ai-Doro
  • SH-CVRL-011 Coverall Shirt Ai-Doro
  • SH-CVRL-011 Coverall Shirt Ai-Doro
  • SH-CVRL-011 Coverall Shirt Ai-Doro

SH-CVRL-011 Coverall Shirt Ai-Doro

from S H

The SH-CVRL-011 Coverall Shirt Ai-Doro is the brand's take on the classic "Coverall" work jacket ubiquitous in America and Europe. The Coverall is a loose-fitting shirt jacket that features a four-pocket set up on its front, with three drop pockets and one buttoned flap pocket. As is the custom, there is a single interior chest pocket on the righthand side of the jacket, and a large, plain collar sits above a 4-button front placket. A logo label is carefully concealed under the placket at the hem, and the jacket is finished with a hang loop at the interior collar. The Cotton shirt cloth used in all S H garments is gently and slowly made by a Schönherr weaving machine, which creates a distinct  supple fabric. The more the shirt it is washed, the better the texture will become with time. 

The 'Ai-Doro' shirts are a special edition from S H produced in collaboration with KANAIKOUGEI, a traditional Japanese dye house on Amami Oshima Island that specializes in an ancient indigo and mud dying process. First the indigo dyeing is repeated five to seven times while monitoring the color retention. After the color has stabilized, the garment is dyed with wheel plum ten times and then fixed with mud two-to-three times using a chemical reaction to create the unique color of deep black over indigo. As the garment is worn repeatedly, the indigo color underneath the black becomes visible through friction and aging. The whole process is done by hand, one garment at a time and is one of the most laborious dye treatments we have ever heard of. The time, attention, and care put into each shirt creates garments that are not just for consumption, but for a lifetime of wear and real attachment. S H has worked with KANAIKOUGEI to create a meditative short film detailing the process in its entirety. Follow the shirts from the dye house to the river and watch them air dry in the breeze HERE.

  • Japanese cotton shirt cloth construction
  • 'Ai-Doro' natural indigo-mud dyed for unique deep color
  • 4-button front placket 
  • Single buttoned flap chest pocket
  • 3 open front pockets
  • Interior pocket
  • Plain Collar
  • Single-button cuffs
  • Hang loop at interior collar
  • Hidden placket label
  • Made in Japan
  • 100% Cotton